By Example




I listen. I interpret. I recommend. I design. I follow though.

My process is variable based upon the project and based upon budget.
I approach ever project somewhat differently.
I say "Every Project Requires A Strategy"


I communicate with my customers and clients by phone, email, and in person.
We review criteria, result desired, and any possible nuances or constraints involved.
For local projects, we will obtain our own on-site inspection and measurements (if required).
Many of our customers will email reference photographs to us and provide their own measurements/dimensions. I will sometimes present small elements for an initial response prior to a complete design.

I frequently work with other designers, architects and artists with their projects. Very often, this process becomes a "co-design" effort.


My design process typically involves an initial CAD drawing which provides an accurate layout.
We transfer the CAD drawing into various graphics programs. This is where I execute most design solutions. Many of our projects will elicit a variety of options either in layout design or coloration. For efficiency, we prefer to provide only floor plan and/or elevation view drawings and renderings.


After presenting solutions by email or by print, our customers and clients will typically hone in on a single design option. I then refine the design and include any possible notations, instructions, or additional drawings.


Many of our customers will have us order certain materials required for the design on their behalf such as with a tile installation project. We have many resources and can also assist in contracting out fabrication for certain components on a project.


My capabilities are widely varied. A quick review of my Design Examples will illustrate a diversity of experience and a degree of proven capabilities. An important key in providing design solutions is the ability for resourcefulness!